What are Campi Flegrei?

The name “Campi Flegrei”, Phlegrean Fields, indicates the portion of the Campania coast, in the province of Naples, which describes an arc extending from the offshoots of the Posillipo hill to Capo Miseno. Integral and typical elements of the Phlegraean area, consisting of a collapsed part, called the caldera, about 12 km in diameter and with at least 20 volcanic cones, are the lakes Lucrino, Miseno and Fusaro, with brackish waters, and the Averno lake, freshwater. The volcanic islands of Ischia, Procida and Vivara complete this area.

The name Campi Flegrei already highlights the particular nature of the soil of this territory. The Greek adjective flegr√†ios, “ardent”, reported among others by Strabo (V, 4,4) and Pliny the Elder (III, 61; XVIII, III), in fact refers to the typical volcanic, seismic and hydrothermal phenomena of the place , still active today although in more limited proportions than in antiquity. The beauty of the places, the crystalline marc, the luxuriance due to the typical volcanic phenomena, the thermal springs and the vestiges of a past of great splendor, all invite you to discover and visit this wonderful place. And the reborn sensitivity towards the natural and artistic heritage of the region – as shown, for example, by the creation of the Campi Flegrei Regional Park or the opening of the underground archaeological area of the Rione Terra in Pozzuoli – is favoring the enhancement and protection of one of the most fascinating areas in Italy.

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