Lakes of Campi Flegrei

Campi Flegrei (from the Greek phlegraios = on fire) is a volcanic area to the north
west of Naples, extending from the Agnano crater to Cuma. Pozzuoli, Bacoli, Monte di Procida and Quarto, some northern districts of Naples. In this area there are three coastal lakes: Fusaro, Miseno, Lucrino.

Lake Fusaro, between Cuma and Monte di Procida, in the municipality of Bacoli, is the largest by surface (1 sq km). A coastal dune with Mediterranean scrub is located between the lake and the sea, exchanging water through three channels. It has a volcanic origin and a smaller basin size compared to the original crater due to the rise in sea level. There are still fumaroles and gas emissions, while thermal water was discovered in the 1960s.


Nearby, between Monte di Procida and Capo Miseno, is the lake of Miseno (called also dead sea), formed by the flooding of the sea inside an inactive volcanic crater, separated from the sea by the subsequent emergence of a submerged dune. Its current size is 0.4 sq km, its average depth is 2.25 m and is connected to the sea by two estuaries.


The Lucrino lake measures less than 0.7 km2, it is connected to the sea by a wide canal
1.5 m. It is under the administration of the municipality of Pozzuoli located between Lake Averno, Monte Nuovo and the Terme of the Stufe di Nerone (Stoves of Nero).


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